Winchester 22 Super-Speed 37gr ammo


Let me start by saying I’m no cartridge expert . . . but then you’ll soon recognize that by my questions. Several years ago I acquired some 22 ammunition from an old hardware store and now wonder if it is collectible.

It is Winchester 22 Super-Speed 37gr Long Rifle copper-clad hollow points packaged in 100 round plastic trays. The front of the cardboard label reads “SS/22LRH1” and they have an “H” headstamp (which I understand simply means they were produced at Winchester’s New Haven, Connecticut plant).

Three questions:

  1. Is “Super-Speed” simply the Winchester trademark for Hi-Velocity . . . or are these a super high velocity cartridges?
  2. Approximately when were these produced? I don’t recall seeing the plastic trays until the late 70s at the earliest.
  3. Do they have collector value . . . or should I just enjoy shooting them?

Thanks, Russ


Super-Speed was simply the Winchester Trademark name for their high velocity cartridges in .22, and also appeared even as a headstamp on some center-fire calibers. The Western Cartridge Company’s equivalent was “Super-X.”

I think your timing on when these came out is fairly accurate. I remember the 100 round plastic boxes coming out sometime about the 1970s, but I don’t really know the exact date. Probably one of our .22 collectors will know.

These boxes should still be common, but I would wait for more information before you shoot them up. Those that collect .22 boxes prefer them full. I suspect the value is minimal, but it may be more than their value as a shooting ammunition.

John Moss