Winchester 256 magnum

I have a crisp full box I purchased years back for $50. Now I’m in need of some cash and want to sell it off but not sure what I can ask for it. I see some “new” bullets now selling for $68 / box.
Should I just try to get my $50 back on these or do you think I can try for more? I don’t live in an area of high paying collectors.

If it was I. I would ask $65 plus shipping and take the first $50 that came my way. If it was the yellow post 64 box, I would ask $90 full in similar condition.


OK, thanks. I’m going to see about putting it up at a local shop and not worry about shipping issues.

Shipping is going to be a minimum of $14 to ship it legally, unless you have a commercial account with FedEx or UPS.