Winchester .300 Savage current headstamps

I don’t know what it is about recent Winchester rifle caliber headstamps, but they seem to be regularly having these fat & skinny headstamp versions lately. I had posted about it before with both .284 Win, and .35 Rem as loaded by Winchester over the past year with the same predicament.

This time it is .300 Savage current production 150gr Power Point, and they are clearly two different lines with the same headstamp, but one is fat, and the other is thin. Also, it doesn’t seem like a bunter strength issue as far as one being a bold strike, and one being a light strike such as I have seen on Hornady headstamps, these actually look like different boldness of font from two different bunters. I wonder what Winchester’s reason is for this? All 3 of the types below were found within the same box per each caliber, so the different lines of brass headstamping are intermingled in the factory, not a change that occurred from one version to another over time.


Here are the .284 and .35 Rem from earlier last year: