Winchester .32 Long box

Found a couple of these full boxes of .32 Long by Winchester. Can anyone date these boxes and tell if they are black powder loads? Thanks!

As with the 7 x 57 box recently discussed, the 43 is the label File Code for the top label and the 1-12 is the date the label was adopted for use or the most recent change date for the label. So, January, 1912 or later, unless the side sealing label indicates a later date… Most likely black powder, as the ammunition companies were fond of touting the use of smokeless powder, which this label does not indicate, unless it is on the wrap-around side sealing label.

Thanks Randy, Nothing on the side label suggesting Smokeless. The side labels have the same 1-12 on them but a 135 File Code. If permissible to ask; what can I expect to get for these? (Other box same as the one pictured). Thanks again for the help.