Winchester 40 S&W with crimped primers

johnguenther and I have both posted on finding Winchester standard 9mm Luger commercial cases with crimped primers. Today I recovered seven Winchester 40 S&W cases with an unusually large amount of red primer sealant. Looking at them with a magnifying lens four had crimped primers. Crimped?!? Why would you need to crimp a 40 S&W? They weren’t non-toxic primers either; the chambers all had the same amount of soot. I have WIN NT 40 S&W fired cases. They have virtually no soot. The presumably Coast Guard contract FC 08 and FC 09 40 S&W cases I found weren’t crimped. Any ideas?

I would assume you are heading in the right direction with it being specified by somebody who receives a Govt paycheck somewhere. For which agency/application I have no idea. Crimped primers are a military/ quasi military thing generally. With all the things going on in the world at the moment it would be hard to pin it down. Many agencies in the arena other than the obvious ones. Presumably they now regard their agency as being on a war footing and have upped the spec on their ammo procurement.