Winchester 41 Long Colt box


I found this on the Sarco site among other interesting boxes:



O.K. guys, this is all from memory and I could be wrong, but I will throw it out there in case someone has a more complete story. I don’t recall when these came out, but they were pure commercial, and I believe the last commercial run of this ammunition that the factory did. My memory is that the Old Western Scrounger (Dave Cumberland), then of 3509 Carlson Blvd, El Cerrito, California, got Winchester to make a run this ammunition. He went to all his retail dealers and got “promises to buy” a certain amount of it (and may have worked with other distributors as well, like Navy Arms, but I don’t recall that for sure) and that gave him an assured quantity he could take to Winchester-Western to convince them to make the run. My earliest Old Western Scrounger catalog to show the ammo is from 1984; my next earliest from 1978 does NOT show it as available. It is shown in the 1984 catalog as ".41 Long Colt 200 GR Lubaloy by Winch. List Price 32.00 Dealer Price 24.00/50. I recall that it was packed in white boxes. We had some left almost up to the time we closed the store around 2001.

The original store is still there, although run by someone else, and called the “Old West Gun Room.”

John Moss