Winchester .41 S.C. double label

I have seen this a lot on Military packets, but not before on civilian packets…
I bought years ago a box of Winchester .41 short Colt in Belgium. Box was not in a good shape…

As I found it now, hidden in one of my drawers, I tried to get the box fixed…but surprise, under the normal red Label is a second one with similiar writings, but other text form.
I Show the 2 Labels…
First the visible one:

Now the ammo:and headstamp:

and here the Label under this Label shown above:

Was this common practice, or was it done, as the description of the Revolvers changed a Little bit?

When where the 2 different Labels in use??

Thx for help


Howdy Peter
I’ve seen this on other makers too.

My GUESS, is perhaps the boxes were sitting around the factory, and new production of this case type was needed so these were re-labeled and included to fill up the production order. Nothing wrong with it, just a new label was needed & ready to send to the retailers.

As I say a guess. you know how hard it is for an ammunition maker to throw good stuff away.