Winchester .45-100 Headstamp


I have what I think is a Winchester .45-100 cartridge. The headstamp is “R” at nine-o-clock, “M” at twelve-o-clock, “C” at three-o-clock, and “3” at six-o-clock. ?any body know what this is?



I was hoping someone would chime in with what you have there so I could learn something! Any chance you could get a photo of the headstamp and side view of the cartridge posted?



W&M “Cartridge Headstamp Guide” shows this headstamp as their Number 1579, on page 175 (original Edition), as:

“Unknown. Believed to be of U.S. origin. On .45-90 Sharps sporting ammunition.”

Unfortunately, I can provide no other information than that, nor confirmation of the caliber.

John Moss


Rob Buttwieler identified this as the .44 Remington number 3 Military Creedmoor