Winchester 7 x 57 Tracer

Hi, All…
I assume these cartridges were made for a South American country, using this caliber militarily, approximately WW1 era or 1920’s. There are no label date codes anywhere on the box…


Randy, any remains of a color tip there?


Several cartridges in the box…NO indication of any tip color on any of them…


If I remember correctly, Dan Shuey stated, in his books, that tan labels were meant for foreign government contracts.

Randy, great box! The 122 gr tracer loading was made in 1931, 1933 and 1934 (last loaded on August of that year). It also exist with a red painted tip in two variations, one with an oval brass primer marked w and another with a flat nickel primer.

There may have been many possible customers, but I can only confirm deliveries of this load to Brazil in 1932 and Guatemala in 1933. Shuey’s book also mentions that a non headstamped variations is noted as “Contract for Chile or Mexico”, but I don’t understand if this is something documented or just a note that accompanied that particular specimen.




I found an empty case here in Chile, but do not know if it’s one of these cartridges.


Hola Claudio,

As this is a generic headstamp it would be impossible to say unless you find a loaded example.

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I now have a sectioned example to share…


Randy, great work! Thank you very much for sharing.


I cannot take credit for the work…used to do sectioning myself and was not bad at it…eyes are not as good now…the cartridge was sectioned by the “Swamp Man”, a regular on this Forum, and I am sure he will respond if he so desires…