Winchester 9 mm Ball Rimfire Box

I fellow collectors. I have not actively participated in forum discussions but need advice on some ammunition boxes I have to determine their value. It is sealed and in very good condition Winchester 9 mm Ball Rimfire ammunition. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Henk


Hey Henk, Welcome.

Thanks Jonathan. Regards

I wish I could offer insight on value, but I have no idea where to begin. It is a beautiful box, though! Interesting wording on either side of the cartridge drawing, both Spanish and Portuguese if I’m reading that correctly. Could this be for South American export?

It’s an export box in the earliest of the Win black powder offerings in 9mm Ball, Henk. I’d value it these days at about $200. It’s listed in Giles & Shuey, pg 242, at Rarity 2 on scale of 1-5, (5 being rarest) and priced there at $100-175 (in 2006) depending upon condition.

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Thanks Ray for the info, greatly appreciated, I have 7 of these boxes in pristine condition but we do not have a lot of box collectors here in South Africa. Regards

Now I am glad i got a box from you Henk…