Winchester 9mm Forged ammunitition

Was going thru some boxes I picked up awhile back and when I opened these I already knew they were steel case with 115gr FMJ. Headetamp is “. WIN . 9mm LUGER” Primers are brass color and at first I thought had some markings on them. Closer examination is simply marks on the brass (As in from Machine handling maybe?) Exactly why Winchester markets this ammo I don’t know as its not cheaper than the White box 115 gr FMJ brass case ammunition. Who knows? I’m looking for the latest ammo USA ready in red boix withy 115 gr Flat Tip FMJ. prices about same as the forged or white box but components supposed to be match grade. Except for shot show adds Im yet to see this product for sale Anyonje else seen any yet?

On side note Im watching for the WINchester WW2 Victory Ammunition (12 guage) thats number 3 in the series of 4 calibers. Already have 45acp and 30-06. nice collectible series.

I don’t believe that Winchester made those steel cases, and have been told by someone in the business that Winchester bought them, apparently from some company in the US. However, I have been totally unsuccessful in finding out who made them, or finding any companies that produced anything similar!

Does anyone know who made these “Forged” cases?


Lew, I think that the manufacturer of the cases is National Machiney LLC. We had a previous discussion on the subject: 9x19 "WIN" steel case - manufacturer ID



JohnG. The red box Winchester is on the market. I already have it in 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. The primers are unsual in that they are in copper cups. The 9 mm bullet appears to be the same bullet currently being used by the US military in ordinary ball loadings.

I think you could likely find this ammo at a Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s, if they exist where you live. I think my son, who spotted these at a gun-selling venue near his home outside of Sacramento and purchased them for me, bought them at Bass, but I am not sure. Bass owns Cabela’s, with the closest Cabela’s to me being in Reno.

At any rate, the ARE on the market right now in those three calibers. I don’t know about any others.

John Moss

John, We have a cabelas here and I just haven’t stopped in. I will probably pick up all three calibers just t6o have them I thinbk the other pistol calibers are for revolvers and have the same flat nose FMJ. Tnhere are alos rifgle loads in the red box all with JHP’s! All intended rfor competition/practice. With a vewry large local store I alsoee a lot of Speer/Federal/anjd CCI as well as Hornady ammunition. We have a Remingtron Mabnufacturing plant nearby and see some Remington ammunition but not more than anything else. One manufacturere that one would expect to see here is Zero although its not as plentiful even though its made about 30 minutes form where I live! When I lived In Stl Artea, we saw lots of Winchester stuff (No surprise) and way back Alcan Shotshells. (Also early S&W-F and S&W ammo too.). Take care. John

I had forgotten, thanks! Didn’t get around to getting it in my database.

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