Winchester 9mm Q4463 Ranger bonded 147gr

I recently received some boxes of Winchester Ranger Q4463 147gr “service bonded JHP” 9mm+P and found a couple things interesting.

First, there seems to be anywhere from 2 to 5 cases in some boxes which clearly show a pink or faint red primer seal, but most all of them show nothing at all for sealant.

Second, it appears that there might be 2 different headstamps which are almost identical. It is basically a tall-letters / short-letters variation where the “9MM” appears shorter in some than others, and also the “W” looks to have a font variation in terms of how wide it is, and in how fine the lettering is, almost as if it were the difference between Arial, and Arial-Black. Maybe just a difference in how hard they were struck, or maybe totally different - but why? You can see in one of the photos below that there are 2 cases on top with tall lettering, and two below those with short lettering.

Upon looking all of these over, I would not be surprised if these were deemed factory-seconds, as they mostly all seem to have tiny inconsistencies with regard to finish, sealer, tone, abrasion, and even projectile seating depth to a tiny degree, but this ammo is not listed as being seconds from any of the few websites selling it. The issues are basically all aesthetic only.

The only thing resembling a lot number I can find on these is an impressed mark on one end-flap which reads either NH51 or PE20K. The cases showing the pink primer seal all showed up in the few NH51 marked boxes that I have.