Winchester 9x19 box - any info?

Hello - any idea on the age of this box?


First missing photo from the above thread:

Thank you - I forgot to do a search…

I didn’t post a pic of the projectile, as these rounds are a little manky. I need to find a way to stop the green fuzz from growing over them all.

This box style first showed up in 1942 and apparently was used into 1945. A version without the reference to Sub-Machine Guns was introduced in 1945.

An earlier version of this box with a similar label but with “50” in the upper right and upper left corners of the label was produced for the British contract. I an still looking for an example of this box. There is also a 64 round box with the label above that is known from 1942 and 1943.

The headstamp probably originated in 1939 from the Finnish contract for this round. Apparently none of these cartridges were actually delivered and were eventually sold to the British. The cartridge is a copy of the Finnish 9mm Para load used in their M31 Machine Pistol. Finland shipped Winchester both the guns and ammo and Winchester copied the ammo.

Winchester had previously made similar ammunition with a 115gr bullet and labelled 9M/M PARABELLUM in 1935 (for an un-named South American Country-Probably Bolivia) and in 1939 for Mexico, in both cases probably for the M31. This ammo was headstamped '“WESTERN 9M-M” but actually produced by Winchester.

Is there a date or lot number on the side of the box???


Thanks Lew - there is a very faint lot number that I forgot to scan. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow and will post it if I can get it so it is readable.

If the box is around WRA Lot 22294 or 22391, they are probably from 1943. Both boxes had a single round in them headstamped WRA 43, probably from the accidental use of a 30 Carbine bunter. These are the only lot numbers I have a hint of a date.


It appears to be LOT 22343 from what I can make out.

My guess would be 1943 production!


Thanks Lew.