Winchester ammo catalog, circa 1960?

If anyone has Winchester ammo catalogs from the late 1950’s into the early 60’s I would appreciate some help. I am trying to confirm that Winchester introduced the Mark V shot collar in 1958 and their first plastic polyform shell, with the Mark V collar, in 1960. Here are the two shells in question.

The box on the left was stocked on the store shelf in 1959 (per tag on inside of top-flap) and the one on the right was supposedly bought in 1960.

It is interesting about the stocking tags on your ammo. The 1960 catalog makes no mention what-so-ever of the Mark V shell or the Mark 5 collar. Unfortunately, my catalogs skip from 1960 to 1963, in which both the Mark V shell and the Collar are mentioned. The 1960 catalog pictures a few Shotgun Shell boxes, and none have “Mark V” on them. I would have guessed from my catalogs that both the shell and collar (and mind you, I am not a shotgun guy, and am not even sure what the “collar” is) came AFTER 1960 and BEFORE or IN 1963. Your stocking tags seem to make that estimate improbable if not impossible.

Wish I could help more. I don’t have the selection of Winchester catalogs I would like to have, and at this stage, probably never will have.

I would think that someone out there should have a 1961 and 1962 catalog that shows the introduction of the Mark 5!!!???

John Moss

Well, instead of a bridge too far, I went a catalog too soon. Regarding the compression-formed and poly-formed plastic shell itself, it is introduced in the 1964 catalog. So, if you have a box with a stocking tag dated earlier than that on compression-formed & poly-formed shells, something may be wrong there. Perhaps tags from other boxes stuck on, or something of the like.

Bear in mind that the shells could have come out in 1963, as the catalogs by this time were only being published once a year, for the most part. Sometimes product hits the shlves before the new catalog is published showing and “introducing” it, but never by more than the previous year from the catalog, that I know of anyway.

John Moss


Perhaps another clue to the timeframe of the boxes would be the “Warning” on the front? I don’t know the exact dates they started to appear, but thought it was 1964 or there abouts.


DaveE–I used to have a copy of the law requiring the “Warning”. I think it was Nov. 1963.
I remember that when it first came out, all the boxes had stick-on labels until the companies could get new boxes printed.

Thank you folks for the information you all provided.

John, the term or trade-mark MARK 5 identifies and relates to a plastic sheet, or collar, that went around the shot charge in the shell to protect the shot traveling down the barrel. I believe it preceeded the Remington POWER PISTON one-piece plastic shot cup and wad system. It was used in paper hulled shells for a couple of years before they introduced the plastic Compression-formed hull. The box on the left is the paper but the Warning label on it seemingly makes it newer than I suspected, if Ron’s date is correct. The label in question, on the inside of the box, is a type of code but I had it interpreted by a former employee of the store but it is quite possible that he is wrong. He worked there later and all of the people working there at the time have passed on. I would venture that the paper hulled Mark 5 probably came out in 1961 or 1962 because I recall they were only out a year or 2 before the plastic hull came along.

Now as to the plastic hulled shells, the right hand box, I guess we can date it’s earliest birth as 1964. I know from personnal experience that these shells, with the Mark 5 collar, continued into the 1970’s and were offered in the Super-Speed, Super X, Xpert and Ranger brands.
Here’s a scan of the bottom of the box that might interest you all.

I have a 1961 Winchester & Western Sporting Arms and Ammunition catalog. It makes no mention of Mark 5 shotshells.