Winchester Blue Rival


I was out metal detecting in my horse pasture and found an old shot shell headstamp says winchester blue rival, looked it up and can’t believe how old it is. Stumbled across this forum while looking up info, might have caught the old ammo collecting bug.! Any ideas on how to make the stamp more ledgible? 20180121_153338|690x1226


You might try a carefully applied brass or copper brush to clean out any corrosion / residue.

These are relatively common shells and a nice condition factory loaded shell can be found for a few dollars, or even less.


Hahaha, thanks for the info pete, i tried some super fine steel wool. Didnt
know they were such a common find!


Nick you never know till you ask & you never know as the next one might actually be rare.


All sorts of cool things are found while metal detecting.

What country are you in, if you don’t mind me asking?