Winchester box (does anyone have ANYTHING to trade?)


I have a Winchester boxin the red and yellow style for the .348 Winchester Silvertip 25o Grain loading that I am told is made in the period 1946-56. I have no interest in boxes, and it is a bit tatty. Does anyone have anything cartridge-related they would want to trade for this? Please reply to this thread if you do, or if you want to PM me, please post a reply anyway saying that you did it, as the PM system is tempramental.


I am open to ALL offers, no matter how small (a few fired cases in unusual calibres etc), I always like to add a new calibre to my collection.



There is no diplomatic way to say this. That box is hardly worth the expense of wrapping and shipping to the UK.

I have offered to send you some of the cases that you are looking for but I have never heard back from you with a mailing address.



I actually thought it was worthless all along. I should put it on UK ebay, I’m sure someone would pay a good enough amount of money for it.

RE cases I am still interested, check your mail.