Winchester box question

I am still trying to get my Winchester boxes sorted out and am now working the after 1965 boxes and realize that I don’t know even the approximate dates when the W-W headstamped cartridge boxes were used.

Following are three types of Winchester boxes that were probably used in the late 1960s until the 1980s. Would appreciate advise on approximately the years when these were produced.

My guess is that the Yellow box with red W came first since it occurs with both “Olin Corporation” and “Olin Matherieson”. Second was the yellow X box and finally the red X box because it also occurs in the larger size with the Styrofoam insert. Just my guess and would appreciate comment from those who know.

Thanks for the help!


Lew - two of the biggest mistakes I made while working so long at the Gun Exchange was (1) not photographing every different auto pistol that ever went through the store (Thousands) and (2) not making notes when headstamps changed and box designs changed.

By my remembrance, coupled with some logic, I think you have the order correct in those boxes. I only wish I could help with the other information you need, but I don’t recall dates or even the years involved.

Lew, this is the information I have about these box styles:

Yellow box with red W: First used on or about September 1, 1960.

Yellow X with Winchester: First use at least as early as September 1974.

Red X with WW: First use late in 1978. This style was introduced with the Silvertip HP bullet in pistol calibers.



Many thanks. Both the posts and the emails Nailed this down pretty well. The order for 9mmP is definitely as listed below based on documented boxes.

1966-1971 Yellow box with red W

1976-1977 White box with yellow X

1979-1980 White box with red X

The larger size boxes with styrofoam inserts seem to have been introduced at least as early as 1979 for Silvertip ammo though the smaller boxes with just the cardboard insert remained in use into 1980 at least.

Although Fede provided some dates of introduction which are undoubtedly correct, most companies including Olin often used stocks of old boxes so actual conversion dates differ by caliber.

The Box codes typically are something like “91 88MA42” where “M” indicates the year (1977) and “A” the month (Jan).

I am looking for documentation of the following Year codes for the box types indicated to fill in the holes.

Yellow box with red W: “F” through “W”

White box with yellow X: “H”, “K” and “N”

White box with red X-with the cardboard tray: “S” through “Y”

Any help is appreciated.