Winchester box


1994 special edition but no date on the round. How do I tell then 1994 from 1993 or any other year?


Vlad–The 1994 Special Edition .22 WRF was the only year it was produced. The last normal production was about 20 years earlier. I have not seen the cartridge from this Special Edition, so I can not tell you how it differs from the last production in the 1970’s. If you give me a detailed (case material, cannelures, headstamp, bullet) description of the round I will point out anything different about it. I do NOT need diminisions.


Well, here are 2 quick scans. The tip is flat. Is this stuff rare?


Vlad–Ok, that is special headstamp just for the Special edition. The normal headstamp was SUPER-X. All the other features look the same as the older producton stuff from the 70’s.

Shooting quanties are getting harder to find, but I would not call it rare. I saw a gunshop just a couple of years ago that had about 50 boxes of Remington brand (U headstamp) still on the shelf. This was 1960’s era stuff. It is, and never was, a hot seller.