Winchester bullet board

Need help ID’ing a Winchester bullet board. Date?

Haven’t found a picture of this one…? They are all black powder loads as near as I can tell. No jacketed bullets.

If it is unknown here.

Perhaps the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody can help you.
They have a big collection of these items mostly from the Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection.


What a gorgeous display board! I wish it was hanging on my wall!

new to me. As Dutch suggests send to photo to Cody

Thank you for the Cody suggestion. I will do just that. This is in a local antique dealers shop that sometimes has some shooting related items. He said it came with a few other shooting related items from an estate. I am going back with a good camera and take some better pictures and send to Cody. Unfortunately the dealer /owner is a PITA. Very difficult to deal with. The printing on the board is very high quality. The frame appears to be original. it has some issues with the ‘beading’ missing but other wise sound. I suspect Win. made one-off boards for a variety of reasons. The tins contain both percussion caps and primers.

For what it’s worth, in my humble opinion the board is homemade and not an authentic Winchester product. The way the shotshells are mounted on the left and right with no space between bothers me, as does the great difference between the new-looking, bright, shiny shotshell in the lower left corner and the dirty, dull, partially-sectioned shell beside it. How could they have aged over the same time and in the same place? Most of the cartridges look too good, too bright. There is no Winchester, or Olin, logo anywhere. Nothing is labeled. The font (design) of the applied large gold letters is unlike anything I’ve seen from Winchester, although I think they are supposed to look “Western.” I see lots of old frames in antique stores and flea markets, so that wouldn’t be hard.

Just one guy’s opinion. Could be wrong.

What’s a “PITA?”

I agree with Mel. When I first saw the photo, my initial reaction was that the layout of the cartridges simply did not say “Winchester”. What does the design suppose to represent?? Were you able to see the headstamps?

PITA is Pain In The Arse.


Instead of Cody, I would recommend posting on the Winchester Arms Collectors Assn forum.

There are guys where who collect and study the various Winchester cartridge boards who can probably tell from their research.

The Cody folks are nice, but unless they have a similar one in their collections probably cannot tell you much about it.

some headstamps are visible will have to see if I can get pics. I am having my doubts also on this, as the condition on almost every cartridge is too pristine. Lead oxidation is minimal. The board has no ‘sun burn’ from being exposed to light. I am going back to look anyway. I appreciate all the input.

This board is going to the Allentown , PA gun show this weekend in the hands of the actual owner. I have details for anyone interested contact me back channel. I have doubts now on this.