Winchester cartridge board ID

Here an image of a Winchester cartridge board (as far as I understood it).

Is anybody able to ID all the calibers and estimate the date?

Image source: internet

From left to right:

(1) .58 Musket, (2) .50-70, (3) .450 W. R. No. 2 Musket, (4) .236 Remington, (5) 8x60R unknown (believed to be a Hebler experimental), (6) 8x60 R Kropatschek, (7) .577/450 Martini-Henry, (8) don’t know (11x59R Gras?), (9) .45-70, (10) don’t know (.58 Turkish Snider?).

(1) .65 Gatling, (2) 1" inch Gatling experimental (3" case, cup anvil), (3) 1" unknown, (4) .80 unknown, (5) 1" Gatling, (6) 1" Gatling Canister, (7) .75 Gatling.

Must be post-1895.

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The title of the board is Colt, but it’s in the Winchester collection. I do not believe Winchester made all those rounds. Or the date as some cartridges were made much earlier than that. The #2 bottom row for example. It is a non-magnetic cup Treadwell patent version, the same as found in the .50-70 Govt. but here in 1" Gatling. Colt assembled the board with representative cartridges for which they made machine guns.

I agree, Pete. Following Fede’s link there is an image of what seems to be more of the whole of the board. There are what look to me to some Thuers and other rounds not made by Winchester (to my knowledge) at the top. And shown at the bottom of the board:

Fede, thanks a lot for ID and assumptions!