Winchester Catalogs Needed

We are almost ready to post a bunch of the Winchester catalogs. We are down to needing just 5 more Winchester catalogs to be complete from 1960-2013. We still need 1964, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1992.

[color=#FF0000]PLEASE, if you have one or all of the missing 5, contact me. These catalogs are not that old. They can’t be that rare. It would be nice to complete the set from 1960.

Of course, if you have any pre-1960 catalogs, I would greatly appreciate those as well. I have received permission from George Hoyem to scan and post his entire 12 vol. set of ALL the 1866-1918 catalogs. This will take time as it is over 3000 pages, but I’ll get it done. So, what I need are any catalogs from 1919-1959. I do have a few of these, but not many.

I had only just joined this forum to answer one and one only question but now that I have joined cant find the question - I have however found this request but it is now some years old - As a boy I haunted the gunshops and collected every catalogue going and note that I have the 1988 Winchester Gun Catalogue here

It might interest you to know that a relatively large number of 1916 Winchester catalogues were sold by one vendor who owned his family gunshop, a shop which had operated from the mid 1860s and was i its own right an absolute treasure trove of bygones. This catalogue was in fact a fairly thick book and an amazing publication in its own right - my copy cost me $20 but the remainder sold readily at $200 NZ each.
The same gunshop owner also gave away i lots of 6 original Winchester Arms and Ammunition window transfers which I understand dated from the era of the 1916 catalogues. I was given 6 and still retain them to this day.

Lammerlaw–Great!! Could you please scan that 1988 catalog for me? If you could, I would like 200dpi Color scans. If you can scan it for me, please email me (click on EMAIL link below) for further instructions.

I do have that 1916 Winchester catalog.

I take it that you are in New Zealand. Do you have any C.A.C. catalogs or ICI-New Zealand or any other New Zealand or Australia catalogs. I am only interested in catalogs that have ammunition information in them. I do not need any catalogs that are strictly gun catalogs.

Thanks for the reply.