Winchester Company Names

I need some help on a short time project to determine when the various forms of the Winchester company names were used and the associated headstamps.

I realize that there is overlap on the dates, but let’s try to base the dates on catalog information. So, if you have Winchester catalogs, especially for the years 1965-2009, could you please check the address listed and the year. I think I have the changes nailed down pretty good for 1885-1960. It is all the changes after that that I need help on. What year was the metallic ammunition production moved to East Alton from New Haven (1982??)? What years did they use “Winchester Group”? Any other changes or additions to this list would be welcomed.


Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
New Haven, Connecticut

Dates: 1884-1939

W.R.A.CO. (Serifs-Large

Ron, 1978 Winchester-Western ,New Haven,Conn

      1975 Winchester-Western DIv.Olin Corp   New Haven,Conn

I hope this is of some help. Ray

Ron, I doubt that the following regarding DWM manufacture for Winchester is correct ?

[i]Winchester-Western Division
Olin Corporation.
New Haven, Conn. East Alton, Ill.


. W-W SUPER . (Cases Made by Norma, Sweden)
* W-W SUPER * (Cases Made by DWM, Germany)
– W-W SUPER – (Cases Made C.I.L., Canada) [/i]

My issue is that DWM went out of business in Oct 1972 !!

WBD–Concerning the * W-W SUPER * cases being made by DWM, I got that information from Chris Punnetts book “.30-06”, page 343.

Without judging right or wrong, since I am not expert in the field, I offer the following information about DWM:

In 1949, the name was changed to "Industrie-Werke Karlsruhe Actien-gesellschaft (IWK). I think they continued to use a DWM headstamp and brand, but it would be more correct to say “made by IWK under the DWM brand name,” if that is the case. Actually, if with a WW headstamp, it should be made by IWK for Winchester. I do know that in conjunction with Speer, the DWM headstamp was still made after the company name became IWK.

In 1961, the dutch firm of Nerlandsche Wapen - en Munitiefabriek de Kruithoorn N.V. bought out DWM, so if the cases in question were made after that date, they may have been made in Holland. I don’t know about that.

Guess everything would depend on exactly when the cases for Winchester were made, how they should be addressed. Chris Punnett is a great researcher, and is probably correct if the .30-06 cases were made early enough.

John–The W-W SUPER (on Rifle) and W-W (on most Pistol) headstamp was first used in 1979 when the Winchester and Western production lines were merged.

Well you learn something new every day.

There I was thinking that DWM (or should I more correctly say “INDUSTRIE-WERKE KARLSRUHE AG formerly DEUTSCHE WAFFEN UND MUNITIONSFABRIKEN” from 1956 - aka DWM) had taken over NWM in 1961 and John says it was the other way around.


Of course you are correct, as far as I can tell. It was the other way around. I read something in Erlmeier Brandt doing something else on DWM, and a review of that entry indicates I read it wrong. Sorry about that.

As late as the W-W headstamps came out, according to Ron, my question is was the DWM name still around that late? I have seen the IWK initials on headstamps - probably 7.62 x 51m/m NATO fairly late, but I don’t remember the dates, since I don’t collect that caliber.

DWM’s post-war history is still a very big confusion for me. I wish someone who really knows, especially about the Dutch connection, would write a history of it in a new thread on this Forum. Don’t want to hijack Ron’s thread with nothing but talk of DWM.

Again, sorry for the boo-boo.

Ron, I have a 1984 and a 1985 Winchester catalogs they list the following:

Winchester Group,
Olin Corp.
East Alton, Ill 62024

My 1981 Catalog lists:

275 Winchester Ave
New Haven, Connecticut

The “copyright” is listed: “1980 Olin Corp.”

Hope this helps


Also in the early 2000’s Sellier & Bellot (Czech Republic) made 45 AUTO ammo under the Winchester name. The Winchester white box color scheme boxes were the same size and folded the same as Sellier & Bellot boxes, the black plastic trays were exactly the same as Sellier & Bellot, the boxes lacked the “Made in USA” emblem but did state “Product of Czech Republic”. Their headstamp was:

Sellier & Bellot has made other calibers for Winchester with the “WIN” heastamp. Among them 7.62 x 54R Mosin, 7.62 x 25 Tokarev and 9 x 18 Makarov, all recently. Tehy may still be making those claibers for them. I am not sure. They are still all around on the market.

While searching through my ammo boxes bound for recycling, looking for Remington ammo lot numbers, I found one of those S&B-made Winchester boxes. It stated “MADE IN CZECH REPUBLIC” vice “PRODUCT OF”, my mistake.

I have the following catalogs
Olin Mathieson
Chemical Corporation
Winchester-Western Division
New Haven, Conn., - East Alton, Ill.

Winchester-Western Division
New Haven 4. Connecticut

Winchester-Western Division
New Haven, Conn., - East Alton, Il

New Haven, Connecticut 06504
East Alton, Illinois, 62024

1976: Winchester-Western
Civision of Olin Corp.
275 Winchester Ave
New Haven, CT 06504

275 Winchester Ave
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

U.S. Repeating Arms Company
275 Winchester Avenue
Post Office Box 30-300
New Haven, Connecticut 06511
I hope this helps you out.

Zac–I appreciate the listings. It all helps to pin-point the years that the different names were used.