Winchester Contract Loads for FBI


I have been told that in 2008 the FBI began requiring that all ammunition they use must have the year date on the headstamp. Winchester has had the contract to supply pistol ammunition to the FBI since 2008. There should be WIN commercial style headstamps on 40 S&W with 08, 09 and 10 dates. I also understand that the FBI bought one lot of 9mm Luger form Winchester in 2008 and this is probably headstamped WIN 08 9mm Luger (or perhaps +P or +P+).

Has anyone seen any of this ammo???




FYI they will also be providing 12ga and .223 duty ammunition (all products from the Winchester ‘Ranger’ brand) for that organization.

I’ve seen .223 and 9mm products under the Ranger brand with NATO marked cases, and also cases marked ‘Olin’. The 9mm should be the 124gr +p Ranger Bonded JHP, but I’m not sure if they’ll stamp the cases as such.

I’ll keep an eye out at the ranges the local feds use and see if I spot any.


MWinter, When you say:

I hope you mean the cardboard case holding the boxes, and not the cartridge case!!! Otherwise, that will be another headstamp I need to find.

I assume the NATO marked 9mm Ranger brand cases have the typical military headstamp (+) WCC 05 or some similar date. My understanding is that the FBI duty ammo (which is apparently JHP 9mm+P or +P+) supplied in 2008 had a date on it. Since it is not NATO spec ammo I’d be very surprised if it was headstamped (+) WCC 08.

I appreciate you looking out for it. Even the 40 S&W FBI cases with 08, 09 or 10 dates would provide some insight into what the 9mm headstamp may have been.




Winchester has had a pretty standard, dated 9mm headstamp format for LE rounds for years. An example would be “WCC +P+ 91” with the “WCC +P+” across the top and the date at the bottom, originally with the numbers of the date close together, and latter, spread apart somewhat. This headstamp style never had a NATO mark. I would think, although I don’t know, that they are just continuing that style of headstamp for the FBI.

I don’t know about the .40. There is a Federal “military-type” headstamp for .40 with just the initials “F C” at the top and a two digit date, such as “09” at the bottom, but I don’t know about Winchester. The Federal loads may have been made for the U.S. Coast Guard, or other Federal Agencies that use the .40.

A lot of you guys are associated with AFTE (I am not, although I have provided them with information in the past, on a few occasions). I would think that someone at AFTE could find out these headstamps with nothing more than a phone call to the Bureau at Quantico, where the range is, or to the FBI Crime Lab. I would do it, but I don’t have the credentials to expect an answer on what might be construed as a “sensitive” LE subject.

John Moss