Winchester Dummy

Hi All, I found this dummy round in a box of junk, anyone know anything about this shell, I have never seen one but I’m green, thanks for any info.


I am not into shotshells, but I can tell you that this is a very normal form of functional dummy from Winchester. Years ago, before they changed even their dummy rounds to plastic case, these were available and we used to sell them in our store. We started out using them ourselves for demonstration and function-test purposes. Customers saw them and wanted to know where they could get a few, so we ending up stocking dummy rounds in as many calibers as we could obtain, and selling them either by the box, or loose at a “per cartridge” price. We did quite well with them, and ot just to cartridge collectors.

Again, I know this is no help in the ins and outs of the specific headstamp, which I couldn’t answer anyway, but I was not sure just what information you wanted from the wording of your question - whether it was the “DUMMY” marked inert rounds you didn’t know of, or it was the headstamp that was of primary interest to you. Sorry if I misinterpreted.