"WINCHESTER" headstamp on 9x19mm-who made cases


The Fall 2010 AFTE Journal that just arrived has a paper about a 9mm Luger case that was headstamped “WINCHESTER 40 S&W”

The obvious question is how did this case get produced and get mixed into a box of 9x19mm ammunition. From the paper, it is not clear what the headstamps were on the other 9x19mm cases found at the scene. Was it WINCHESTER 9X19 or something else like WIN 9mm LUGER?

I have never heard of a 9mm Luger load with the “WINCHESTER” headstamp. I am told that the 45 ACP with this headstamp is in a box marked “MADE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC”.

It seems pretty clear that a 40 S&W bunter got installed on a 9x19mm case manufacture line and at least one case got bunted and loaded with this headstamp. Knowing where the Winchester 40 S&W was loaded would be a help. It would also be interesting to know if 9x19mm was loaded with this headstamp.

Has anyone encountered 9x19mm ammunition headstamped “WINCHESTER”???

Do any of the Forum members have a box of pistol cartridges (any caliber) headstamped “WINCHESTER”??? If so what does the box say about where they were made???

Has anyone seen a 9x19mm case with this WINCHESTER 40 S&W headstamp???




I have a 100 round value pack of .38 Special with the ‘WINCHESTER’ headstamp that was purchased within the last couple of years. There is nothing on the box, aside from some dual language (French) labeling, to suggest it was made outside the US. In fact, the top and end flaps have ‘MADE IN USA’ inside a circle with 12 stars (seems odd it isn’t 13) surrounding it, and perhaps to support the 'made in USA message, the product number is USA38SPVP.


That style of Winchester 40 S&W headstamp was the early style. The W in Winchester is smaller than the W in S&W. The present style is with W’s the same size. The early style will be found with both nickel-plated primers and not-nickel-plated primers. The changeover from nickel-plated to not-nickel-plated primers was around 1999, so the early headstamp style crosses over from 40 S&W introduction, about 1991, to sometime after 1999, when it changed to the present style. Winchester 9mm Luger brass from that entire period is headstamped WIN (over) 9mm LUGER. They too will have nickel-plated primers up to the switch to not-nickel-plated, about 1999, not-nickel-plated thereafter. The Czech-made Winchester 45 and 380 auto cases are headstamped .WINCHESTER. (dot WINCHESTER dot). I haven’t noted any Czech-made WINCHESTER-headstamped 9mm Luger cases.
Related-the small W-W headstamped 45 AUTO cases ended at the same time as the nickel-plated/not-nickel-plated primer changeover. After the changeover, Winchester 45 Auto cases are headstamped with the full WINCHESTER (over) 45 AUTO headstamp. I haven’t recovered any small W-W 45 AUTO cases with not-nickel-plated primers, and no WINCHESTER 45 AUTO cases with nickel-plated primers, except those WIN NT cases with the small pistol-size lead-free/WinClean primers.


I have loads of .38 special nickel cases stamped WINCHESTER that are probably 15 years old in my reloading stock. I don’t know if this would make them too old to have been made anywhere but the US. I don’t know how far back in time the outsourcing goes. Everything else about them suggests genuine Winchester. If anyone wants any lets me know, I’ve got plenty.


As Lew and i were discussing via phone the other day, I have a box of 45 ACP with Headstamp “WINCHESTER 45 ACP” Its 230 grain FMJ and box is marked on back “Made by Sellier and Bellot” I don’t have the box in fornt of me and will have to locate it to take a scan, but this was the first time I had seen WINCHESTER spelled out on a case of any caliber. I had purchase these rounds to shoot, but sat on them after reading the box and found some other 45 ACP to shoot. Haven’t seen this variation on 9x19 so far.


I have a WINCHESTER 9 x 21 fired case that came a collector in Italy - sorry, no box, so I don’t have a clue who actually made it.