Winchester Hybrid-X fail

Since I had only posted about this within another thread which was not titled anything to do with Winchester, I wanted to post again in its own thread - A Winchester rep notified me today that they have cancelled the Hybrid-X 9mm project, which was featured at last year’s SHOT show. Over the past 6 months they had told me it would be released in the third quarter of 2018, and then 4th quarter, and now to never. The marketing rep who responded to me actually recommended the Defender (what they call the PDX-1 these days) as a viable replacement, but no mention of anything from the Ranger line or their interesting new “Ranger-One” JHP with built-in people-juicer core, as I assume she thought I did not have access to those.

If you hadn’t seen it before, it was showcased last year as Winchester’s next big and wild looking self-defense pistol ammo. I would dare say it looked like the most radical pistol cartirdge Winchester would ever have released. It was basically a very modern take on the Polycase ARX frangible bullet, having a base section modeled after the Triton Quick Shok - a fragmenting bullet. There were hundreds of these loaded projectiles with early packaging & signage at SHOT Show 2018 for range day when they shot it up, and they had inert rds on the show floor to give away - so any of this ammo is now super collectible.


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