Winchester Klondike Commemorative


A friend provided me with this box recently. The seal had been broken, but I didn’t think anything of it until I looked at the rounds which are unadorned brass with a standard “W-W SUPER 30-30 WIN” headstamp and silver tip bullets.

All the other “instant collectible” ammo I’ve seen come out of Winchester has had nickel plated cases with some special headstamp. Is this ammo correct to this box or were we snookered?



Teak - you might PM some of the Canadian collectors on this box. I recall, if I am not hallucinating, that Winchester made a few commemorative firearms that they offered in Canada only, as well as commemorative-boxed ammunition. It is my impression that the ammunition was standard production - only the box was decorated. Someone like Will Adye-White, or Jean Dozois might be able to answer this positively. I only have faint recollection of it.


Thanks for the suggestion, John. This is indeed one of the “Canada only” commemoratives and this box came south for SLICS.

I was hoping one of the Canadian guys might chime in on this thread.