Winchester Leader 8 gauge

I have a 2 piece box with 17 Winchester Leader 8 gauge paper shells in it. These are factory loaded black powder shells loaded with 7 drams and 2oz of bb’s. I can not find any information on these black powder shells. Any help is appreciated.

Here is a few pictures

This may help, scroll down a bit

Thanks for the information. Anyone know how rare the 8 gauge Black powder shells are? I am not new to Classic SXS but am just now getting into doing research on Vintage shot shells.

In my experience BP loads are found more often in brass shells than paper. I’d think/guess this load was for waterfowl (geese) & probably not common, but not rare by any means. The box is worth a bit, see Ted Bacyk’s shotshell boxes book

Nice Box.

Late with the red W on the ends but pre-Olin.

if you turn the top right way around the cross-out notes smokeless shells.

Thanks for the information. Is there much interest in the collectability of these shells? Any idea on value is appreciated.
Thanks Phil