Winchester Leader Shot Shell Box "Empire Smokeless Powder"

I was recently told Empire powder was a powder imported from the U.K., however the person who told me this wasn’t positive and didn’t know of the time period. If anyone knows about this powder such as its origin and a time period that Winchester used it, that information would be appreciated.

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I believe that Nobel made Empire powder. Eley advertised the powder in the late 20’s. I think that I have a Eley shell (blue paper case) branded Empire using Empire powder. It is my understanding that the other contemporary powders like E.C., Schultze, Diamond were all loaded volumetrically the same about 33 gr…I think these bulk smokeless powders all had basically the same burn rate. Nobel produced a number of "branded " powders in the UK.
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Yes it is a British powder below a tin. Can’t give you a time for it right now, others who know more will probably set up.
I see Sportclay did.

A quick look showed me Empire powder was existing as early as 1921 and till 1936.
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Empire powder was introduced By Nobels in 1901 and was followed by an Improved Empire 1902.

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