Winchester Limited Edition WW2 Victory Ammunition/Boxes

Received the 2019 boxes recently - 30 Carbine and 12 gauge brass 00 Buckshot I got the 45 acp and 30-06 last year. While the headstamps are all that special, the packaging certainly is. The outside is a wood box with slide lid and very nice decorations. Inside is a tan box with the cartridges. The 30 carbine is in a foam insert while the 12 gauge is loose and alternating up and down with Rim. These are a nice tribute to WW2. Only side commet is that the 12 gauge has an cardboard insert in the wood box. Would have been nice to get 10 instead of 5 rounds but thats not how they were proposed so I wont gripe. The 2019 issue didn’t come out until late in 2019 and will no doubt be sold out quickly. FYI these arent the first “Wood box” limited editions from winchester just the most recent. Nice side collection at any rate.

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