Winchester Lot Number ID

I’ve been looking for a carton of 300 H&H Match made by Winchester in 1947. cartguy has one but we’re not sure what year it was made. The Lot Number is WCC 6006 47TB1B.

Does anyone know if the “47” in the number may mean 1947?

Any help would be appreciated.


The 47 in this lot number equates to the line number the box rolled off of. The date is contained in the TB1, which, read from right-to-left, equates to 1 February (B) either 1942 or 1962 (T). Year 1947 would be a Y in place of the T.


Many thanks. It is looking like I am still looking. ;)

I noticed that you show lot numbers/dates as one of your interests. It’s also one of mine although my area is narrowed to U.S. Military, especially Match.