Winchester manufacture of 1.65" ammunition


Winchester manufactured ammunition for the Hotchkiss gun (1.65", 2 pdr). Does anyone here have any references as to when this was? I am trying to put together a cogent story about these rounds but the Winchester connection is rather problamatic.



Perhaps some of the old Annual Reports of the Chief of Ordnance would list what they purchased from commercial sources. Frankford Arsenal also made 1.65" rounds, but it may have been before, after, or concurrent with Winchester.

Since the guns had a world-wide market, Winchester could have made the ammo for export and/or domestic sales.

Please post your conclusions when you have more info. Sorry I do not have specific documents to help.


Thanks for responding, John.

I have the Chief of Ordnance Reports for almost the entire period where the guns were in active service in the US and have only found some minor references to Winchester.

I have a number of definite associations between casing and projectile, often, as you know, there has been mixing and matching between them so that an unmarked projectile cannot be definitively identified. Of course, UMC provided components and I have no idea what sort of variability that that provides but at the moment, I have a pretty good idea about some loadings.