Winchester Metal Piercing box variations

I have some new photos recently which show slight variations amongst the 4 types of boxes that Winchester/Western used for their line of metal piercing ammo in .38spl, .357mag, and .45acp. Does anybody know any more details than what I have captioned below with each photo?

First style “super speed” .38spl box with two print variations - both around 1934 / 1935? I used to think that this style went a little farther into the late 1930’s, but I recently had somebody tell me that Winchester had already switched to the blue/yellow box style by late 1935??

.38spl blue / yellow box with two print variations (1935 - 1940?):

.45acp blue / yellow box variations with the words “.45 auto” and “.45 automatic” being the big difference (1936 - 1940?)

.357mag blue / yellow box - this is the only variation for this caliber that I am aware of for this box style (late 1930’s?)

All-yellow box style for .38spl and .357mag. There was a version with the child safety tab printed near the end flap, and one without for both calibers. I am not aware of .45acp being boxed in this style (late 1940’s to late 1950’s?):

And finally the most common style for the .357mag and .38spl is the typical 1960’s / 70’s white box in which the 38spl was done only in +P in one box style and print, and the .357mag was done in two print styles - one being indexed as X3572P and another as simply 3572P:

The Winchester boxes you show at the top are the “1935” style…They say WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS COMPANY, NEW HAVEN, CONN. U.S.A. in the black border at the bottom…about 1939, we begin to see "Division of Western Cartridge Company on this style of box and the WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS COMPANY, etc. in the black border disappears…I have a Super-X like you show on the right on GB now and the end flap code indicates the box was filled on June 18, 1935.


Thanks Randy, it was actually that box that you mention for sale which got me thinking about the dates. One thing I have found is that these Winchester boxes, although rare, are far more common than the Remington 38spl “metal penetrating” boxes, which I’ve seen for sale maybe twice in the past 6 years.

An email alert from Ebay finally paid off this morning when they alerted me to what has to be a very rare .357mag metal piercing crate. I had never seen a wood crate for this (or any other) type of this sort before. I’ll be doing a bit of restoration work removing black marker it looks like.

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Here is a better look at this .357mag metal piercing crate, with the one good end shown close-up. A shame that somebody haplessly scribbled some black marker on the sides to no apparent effect other than fouling it up.