Winchester metal piercing bullets


While revisiting my singles collection of 38 Specials and 357 Magnums, I discovered 2 different bullet shapes in my specimans of 38’s loaded with Winchesters metal piercing bullets. Though close in appearence there is a slightly different point profile. I assume they are basicly the same bullet with just a different profile. Am I correct or was there difference?


There were two ogives that I have noticed. Here are all the variations that I know of, the 3 on the far right have a bullet that is a little different than the type usually found :


DK, I as well noticed two different profiles. I assumed it was just a tooling change but wanted to make sure Winchester didnt actually make two different types of metal peircing bullets. I sectioned one of these bullets and they are simply a soft lead bullet with a simple pointed metal cap.


Weren’t the Remington Hi-Way Master MP bullets in handgun calibers solid and made of some alloy, unlike the Winchester MP bullets? I assume the idea was to improve penetration performance of automobile bodies. How late were these types loaded by Winchester and Remington? I have a few loose rounds in .38 Special and .45 ACP, plus a full box of the Remington in .38 Special, which is of post-WWII manufacture. I can’t imagine they were marketed to police much past the early 1970s, if that late.


The Remington and Peters loads in .38spl were some kind of hard zinc alloy (but ok for gun barrels), and the Rem & Peters .45acp were copper-jacketed zinc core bullets. The Winchester Metal piercing loads went into the 60’s at least with the .357mag and .38spl +P I think, but the Rem & Peters (.38 & .45) metal penetrating types were immediate pre-war, and post-war only as far as I knew.


The Remington “Hi-Way Master” and Peters “Highway Patrol” Metal Penetrating loads were first listed in the 1939 catalogs in .38 S&W Special and .45 ACP. The .45 ACP loads were last listed in 1959 and the .38 S&W Special was last listed in 1965. Neither company made this load in .357 Magnum.