Winchester Metal Piercing Super Speed .38 Special

Just recently I very stupidly missed the end of an auction and failed to check and see if the box being offered was the same as what I already have. Now, a day late, and a dollar short, I see that this is a previously unknown variation of the original 1930’s Metal Piercing box as part of Winchester’s Super Speed line.

I had been aware of two varieties which were almost identical, with only the words “NICKEL PLATED SHELL” being different where they appear under the words “metal point conical” on the right hand of the box face. This one from an Ebay auction that expired yesterday with some lucky winner acquiring it for $49.99 is much different, with different text layout, and side panels being laid out differently without patent numbers.

Below the better known example is shown at left, which also has a version with the words “nickel plated shell” printed under the words “metal conical point” on the right (both shown in Bob Rudler’s Super Speed book). The box shown at right is the new, unknown to me version. I used to think that there was a version with a comma after the “.38”, but that was likely just incidental box damage I had seen in one of the very few photos of this box type.