Winchester metal piercing variations


For those interested in cartridge variety within a type:

I have accumulated several variations for the Winchester/Western .357mag & .38spl metal-piercing cartridges in terms of crimps, cannelure, bullet ogive, headstamp, and case metal. Many came from bins at SLICS:


DK, thanks for that pic. I look forward to more pics like this by forum members.



Nice line-up there! Never saw the MP load in anything but nickel cases and I didn’t realize they were still being made in the “+P” era. That one’s a surprise for sure. Very interesting and thanks for sharing.



DaveE, the +P version isn’t very common, but here is a box label:

A box of this stuff sold for around $60.00 not long ago on Gunbroker. Also, I can’t be 100% sure that all of the above loads are original and not reloads, but none of them appear to be reloads as far as I can tell, and so I assume they are the original factory case material.


Having looked at literally millions of rounds of factory ammunition while in the business, it is my cautioned opinion (picture is good, but it is still just a picture) that all of the loads shown in the picture on this thread are factory-loaded cartridges. The crimps look correct, and no cannelures seem flattened. The primers look correct for the era of the cases as well. Also, those bullets were always very hard to get as a separate component, and the chance of finding one in a reload in either .38/357 or .45 ACP is very, very slight.

John Moss


I have also one ammo like number 6 but headstamp is W-W SUPER 38 SPL +P