Winchester military-style packed commercial .45acp

I noticed today on MidwayUSA that Winchester is now selling 230gr FMJ .45 auto ammo in 50rd boxes which are styled after military type packaging. The M-number doesn’t make sense for ammo, and just refers to the Colt 1911. I wonder if this is the same headstamp, or same exact thing as their 230gr FMJ “WIN1911” packed ammo? It would be a nice touch if they made up some sort of neat military-style headstamp for it, but my guess is no. The index number is SG45W which refers to “Service Grade” as Winchester labels it.

Not sure if this is the 50rd box, or the big box for the 500rd pack with 10 50rd boxes:

“Cartridge. Ball, Caliber .45 M1911” is the proper name for the standard U.S. military cartridge for the M1911 Pistol. The ammo being offered may or may not be actual MILSPEC ammo, but to most shooters, if it works, they are happy.

The same “M” designation can be found applied to many different items. Originally it was a date “Model of 1911” but later it was changed to a sequential M1, M2, M3…

We have M1917 rifles and M1917 machine guns and M1917 helmets and M1917 wooden ammo crates.

Later we have the M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, M1 Bayonet, M1 helmet, etc.

Just remember each type item was given a model designation in a specific category.

These were assigned by OTCM “Ordnance Technical Change Memorandum” which were put out after periodic meetings by the Ordnance Technical Change Committee.

Thanks John, I guess I had always figured that the M1911 designation was just referencing the gun which the ammo was intended. I also see now that the box photo which I linked must be a 50rd box, based on the relative size of the cartridges next to it (I need to stop posting later at night)…