Winchester Model '94 Commemorative .30-30

Does anyone have a scan of the box for the Winchester Model '94 Commemorative .30-30 headstamped “1894-1994 30 WCF”?

You mean this one Ron?

Nope, don’t have any.

IHMSA80x80–Thanks for the picture. What is the bullet weight? I assume it is 170 gr.

Actually, it’s a 150 grain FN Power Point. I’ll try to get pics of the other sides by the end of the weekend.

IHMSA80x80–Thanks for the additional information.

That’s a great looking box. Does it say anywhere on it who the pictures are of? I recognize Oliver Winchester, and the cowboy on the left looks familiar, but I’m having trouble with his name.

Other than the note on the back where the photos came from, I don’t think it does. I assume the two in the center are Texas Rangers. Will try to dig out my box this weekend and see if anything is on the side labels.

According to the book “Adventures of the Negro Cowboys” 1966,the man on the left is “Nate Love,known as Deadwood Dick”.

Manitoba Dick???