Winchester nickel .308 case

I was shooting at Bisley yesterday and (being me) I had a search through the rubbish bins on the range. I found six nickel plated .308 cases H/s WINCHESTER.

I have never seen nickel plated rifle cases before in this country. Can anbody tell me is this a special produced by Wincester eg match grade?

Falcon, I have put one aside for you if you want it, any other Brits who are curious and want one PM me.

Here in the States, nickel rifle and pistol cases are fairly common. Most can be purchased in bulk quantity for reloading, and some factory loads also come in nickel cases. The manufacturer may use nickel brass to denote special loadings, such as Federal’s Safari line, or higher grade loads.

My Winchester files show the nickel case used in their Supreme Ballistic Tip loads in both 150 and 168 grain bullets. The Winchester .308 Match ammo uses their brass case.

Thanks for that, Winchester ammunition is imported into this country in quite large quantities but it is more expensive than average. Somebody was obviously sighting in a hunting rifle. Most of the cases I find are either military or match/target types at Bisley.