Winchester/Olin FAL

Has anyone here got a full image of this weapon?, Below is only the front of it and all i can find but im sure this weapon has a wide range of capabilities as a support weapon. It is fed from 2 mags and the bolt has two faces. However it is at the Springfield Armoury museum.

The foresight seems to be that of an AR10/M16 but this may have been installed later on in trials.

Source: … E=53915512

There are photos of several of the Project SALVO rifles in “The SPIW: The Deadliest Weapon That Newer Was” by Stevens and Ezell. These came with two, three or five barrels, depending on the design, and mostly came from the Springfield Armory. The neatest looking twin-barrel one is a bullpup. The only Winchester model shown is a twin-barrel test gun based on a manually loaded falling block rifle.

From the side, this rifle looks pretty much like the FN FAL. For all intents and purposes, it is two FAL grafted side-by-side with a single gas system. Ironically, it was designed by Stefan K. Janson, who left the UK after his EM2 rifle was rejected in favor of the FAL.

To keep this on topic for the forum, it was chambered for the duplex version of the .22/30 Light Rifle.

There is a side view drawing of the Janson SALVO rifle in “The Black Rifle”.

And Tony, check the photo of the multibarreled Springfield bullpup again. It is a triple barrel .222 Remington. From what I’ve been able to dig up, Springfield designed at least two different double-barrel .222 rifles. David Fletcher designed one, and I believe the other was designed by Charles Packard. Packard assisted in setting up the US manufacturing of the FN FAL as the T48, and later went on to serve as Springfield’s representative to the M16 Technical Coordinating Committee.

Yes, you are right: two barrels side-by-side and the third tucked away underneath.