Winchester Prototypes


Winchester was the first private ammunition manufacturer to act on the commercial potential of the new Cal .30 Light Rifle cartridge being developed by Frankford Arsenal in the late 1940s. They were also heavily involved in the manufacture of many of the components and cartridges used in Project SALVO during the 1950s. Since they had considerable tooling in place, paid for by Uncle, they investigated the possible market for several different sporting cartridges based on the 7.62mm case, ranging from .18 to .35 caliber. Three were actually developed, reaching retail shelves between 1952 and 1955. The 308 Winchester in 1952, and the 243 Winchester and 358 Winchester in 1955. Below are boxes, headstamps, and cartridges of the three during their prototype stage. (Not my best photos, but I don’t have Chris P to make them look pretty like he does for the JOURNAL)



Nice Ray! Pictures are very good.
Interesting subject too. These experimentals bewilder me sometime.