Winchester Q prefix Poduct Number & Quality Control

Is it understood what the " Q " prefix stands for in Winchester ammunition product designations (product codes)?

A few examples:
Q3131 = 5.56 x 45mm FMJ 55gr, white box, Winchester USA
Q3269 = 5.56 x 45mm M855 FMJ 62gr, green tip, white box
Q4318 = 9 x 19mm NATO FMJ 124gr, white box
Q4392 = 9 x 19mm Bonded JHP 147gr, Winchester Ranger LE

One thing that I’ve noticed is that some of this ammunition is low quality. I just pickup a box of the Q3269 (5.56 M55) and every cartridge case was dented as least once, one cartridge head was mangled and some of the green painted bullet tips have globs of bubbled paint. For the Q4392 box (Ranger LE 9mm Bonded JHP) I picked up recently many of the cartridges have primer annulus sealant missing or coming loose and one cartridge had a smashed primer as shown below.



Somewhere on the carton there must be an address or other contact reference. I’d ask them directly what the “Q” means.


"Q"uestionable "Q"uality?

I would lean towards “Questionable” as opposed to “Quality”. Lol.


Brian, the Q4392 code is also a 2014-15 contract for the U.S. Marshals Service.