Winchester Ranger One (RA9B1) data

Pics attached. Vendor/maker won this year’s bid, so I’m sitting on a small pile of it now.

I’ve conducted no tests; just hit the dock today. I’ve encountered no end-use data either; I run a steady surplus so this probably won’t get issued out 'til late 2020.

Comparison round is current issue 147gr Federal HST (P9HST2); visible differences in frontal area/ogive/cavity; biggest/widest one I’ve seen in a long while.

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I thought they had decided not to make that load. The bullet is very interesting. Are these being sold on the retail market now? I have seen none in our area, but of course, this is California, and about 3/4 of the gun shops within a 100 mile radius of me are gone now.

John Moss

John, if memory serves, Olin/Win never went forward with a commercial/civilian analog, but the 9mm is catalogued, offered, and distributed via their LE channels. I’ve not seen any retail at all, nor any other calibers offered through LE. It just showed up on the returned quote since it met our specs; last few years HST and Gold Dot had been the most common ones, but our bids are for several calibers and types so it’s a crapshoot as to lowest bidder.

I noticed that the skiving on the jacket is eightfold like the older civilian JHPs (six for most Talon/SXT iterations), but the plug has only six flutes. Doubt it matters, def not an engineer. I’m going to run it through a few pistols and carbines next week and try to get some recovered pills from a Fackler box as exemplars.

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