Winchester Ranger SF frangible

Here are some pics of the Winchester Ranger SF frangible ammo. Sinterfire bullets with a custom “W” logo impressed into the bullet are used, and this type is also available in .45GAP, .45acp, and in 90gr for 9mm. I imagine the .45GAP is quite rare since this stuff is typically only sold to law enforcement, and very few agencies are using that caliber. Does anybody have any .45acp, 9mm 90gr, or .45GAP in this type?

Data from Winchester’s law enforcement catalog (they mislabeled the 9mm in 100gr as being the "RA9F’, when it should really be the “RA9SF” - see above photo):

Full page on Ranger SF from Winchester’s law enforcement catalog:

DK - unless one has all of the box labels, which I do not, these Winchester Frangibles over the past five or ten years
are rather hard to sort out.

First, I have a .45 Gap Frangible, with the “W” bullet, but only in a factory dummy. The headstamp is WIN 45 G.A.P. I think that live rounds loaded later would probably have a headstamp of WIN NT 45 G.A.P. however. At a SHOT Show, I was lucky enough to get a dummy round for each fo the six Winchester Loadings of the time. Four are commercial, and I have all of those in live rounds also, but the two LE rounds I have never been able to find in live rounds. The Winchester LE Ammo Rep told me that he had never had one single inquiry from a California LE Agency about the .45 Gap, so he did not even bother to stock samples. The caliber never had any popularity to speak of with LE or civilians in our area. Of course, the cartridge is much ado about nothing, so that is no surprise.

Regarding 9 mm Para, I have the 100 grain frangible with its box. But, I have others as well:

WCC+P 04 Flat tip bullet, but no “W” on the tip. Cartridge weight: 158.3 grains (10.16 grams) Weight of pulled bullet: 90.5 grains (5.86 grams). This is Cartridge, 9MM Frangible, AA16, MK 254 MOD 0. I have the box.

WCC+P 05 Flat tip bullet with “W” on the meplat. Cartridge weight: 159.9 grains (10.34 grams). No box.

WIN NT 9MM +P Flat tip bullet with “W”. Cartridge weight: 168.5 grains (10.91 grams). Weight of bullet by box label: 100 grains. I have the box.

WIN NT 9MM +P+ Round nose bullet, no bullet markings. Cartridge weight: 151.2 grains (9.77 grams).

I also have the .45 ACP round, including box label: WIN NT .45 AUTO +P. 175 granin FP bullet with “W”.

Hope this is of some help, anyway.

John Moss

This is the current USAF 9mm training load and uses the Sinterfire 90 grain (nominal) bullet, and is not marked on the nose with a W. The first USAF 9mm training load was a Winchester Ranger with an 85 grain Delta Frangible Ammunition (DFA) bullet, headstamped: WIN 9mm LUGER+P and is marked RA9DF on the Ranger box end flap, along with the DFA logo.

The Ranger SF load in 9mm is currently the Training Cartridge for the Australian Customs Service and Border Protection ( Glock 17).

The Cases are HS “WCC” with dates from 03 to 11 so far. Equidistant spacing of Letters and Numbers imprints ( 5 sector). Primers are heavily varnished with a clear lacquer, NO crimp.

Packets are as shown for 9mm.

I have come across many unfired rounds, as our company processes (9mm) brass from one of the Civilian Club Ranges used by ACS for training and qualification shoots on a monthly basis.

I have also come across cases with the Win NT 9mm +P headstamp, but in a lot smaller proportions compared to the WCC cases ( about 1% of total brass.).

Doc AV
Down Under.

I have seen some fired cases of the WIN NT .45 ACP which used small pistol primers. I do not know if they all did.

I get the impression that the .45 GAP is close to the end of the line. 5-6 years ago, I used to see some pistols in GAP, and picked up a fair number of fired cases. I haven’t seen a .45 GAP pistol or a fired case in a long time, nor any boxed ammo on store shelves. I could never see a compelling reason for its existence, other than it allowed a .45 to be used in the smaller 9mm width grip frame. I think the .45 ACP just had too much history behind it for the GAP to make any significant consumer inroads.