Winchester salesman samples Now with more pictures

I found this at a recent estate auction and I have never seen one anything like it.

And it came with all these extras all different.

The only question I have is what is in the vial. looks like rust.

Nice find. Fairly modern but I didn’t realize they still used these. In the E age, why?

These are meant for Winchester Sales personnel only, to show dealers and police agencies the actual cartridges. Later kits have velcro attached to the dummy rounds that go on velcro strips on the board. The Sales agencies pay a deposit of about $1000.00 for these, I was told. I have one of the velcro ones with lots of extra dummy rounds with the velcro on it. Mine is intended primarlly for police sales.

I would think these are better than a computer picture, by any standards, for displaying a cartridge line to potential buyers. However, I don’t understand the cost of them, despite the nice leather (or leatherette, I can’t tell from mine) zippered case they are in. I have a similar one from Russia, but the cartridges are glued to the internal display board, so can’t be changed as the line changes, nor removed for viewing.

So, if you see any Winchester dummy rounds with velocro attached, they are legitimate factory dummies, and quite scarce off the boards, I think.

Gerald, very interesting salesman sample set, thanks for sharing. As far as I can see it would be c. 1999 because the 12 ga 3" Supreme HV Turkey Load (STH123) was listed as a new product that year. Do you have better resolution pictures of the rest of the cartridges?

Items from sales like this are sometimes seen as singles. With the Velcro still attached to the cartridges and the black plastic factory label. A gentleman who is a member of AFTE had some of these for sale as singles & still packaged in the plastic baggies on his table at SLICS this year. These singles can also be found as being used as parts of factory displays at shows like the Shot Show.

First time I’ve seen a full ‘kit’ from this era, a great find!

Some more pictures of the rounds in the bags, all have Velcro except the shotgun shells.

WOW !!

Thank you very much for this great post .


Now that I look at it in the better and more detailed photos, this kit appears to be the same as mine, not different as I thought initially. On mine, too, the shotgun shells are in loops. I guess the velocro wouldn’t hold the weight of them. The content of my kit was a little different, but of course with the velcro, this can be varied. Mine came with several dozen items not attached, but the kit itself full. That was kind of nice, as I could put all the extra auto pistol items into my auto pistol singles collection.

Thanks for posting this. Was nice to see another of these interesting kits.

Gerald, thanks for the pictures. I checked every single cartridge and all except for the 12 ga Upland Heavy Game (WU12SP) are listed as new products for 1998.

Seems like everybody forgot you original question. What is in the vial? I am curious also. Vic

Very cool stuff Gerry! I’ll be by Monday after work to inspect first hand :)


At SHOT 2013, Winchester had a large folkish looking wooden mockup of the .17 WSM. The old ways live on.