Winchester Self-Loading cartridges

Non-collecting friend told me his brother just bought a 1907 .351 Self loader and was wondering about getting cartridges for it. I scanned him all four cartridges and how the gun functioned. Had never noticed before that my the .401 WSL SP has a copper ball in the nose. It is not magnetic. Is this a Hoxie mod? I know Hoxie did sell all four cartridges with their modified bullets but was under the impression they only used steel balls.
Way back in my brain cell think that Old Western Scrounger has new manufactured .351 ammo but have not looked yet.

gamgjm–I think you will find the .401 SLR with the “copper ball” is actually a copper tubed hollow point. Regular hollow points did not feed well. It is NOT a Hoxie, but is a standard Winchester load.

There are is a custom reloadeder in Michigan I found on the net that makes these shells out of .357 maximun brass. I had him load some for me they shoot fine but the bullets do not fit tight in the brass. They were a lot of trouble to mess with. The best option is to find super-X boxes at shows and old stores. Then shoot conservatively. The .351 was still being loaded up to some time in the late 60’s early 70’s by Super - X and I have one box of Remington in the green box with the styrofoam tray (70’s). So with patience you can find them. I have seen the reloading dies on e-bay several times, however trying to save brass is difficult with my rifle as it tends to throw it everywhere.
I have shot a couple does with mine it’s fun and effective. One word of caution though it took me 4 days to get the recoil spring put back in after I disassembled it for a repair of the recoil buffer. Dissasembly beyond the basic breakdown is definitly not recommended.

“Reeds ammo” does new 351 ammo, pricey though:

Or just scrounge some older stuff up via resale (still pricey):

The Old Western Scrounger still sells the cartridges AFAIK. Not cheap but better than shooting up original cartridges.

Question - How come he’s not the Old Eastern Scrounger now???

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MidwayUSA sells correctly headstamped brass and OWS sells the projectiles, which they call “jacketed”,a more accurate description would be “plated”.

You can get a 10rd magazine for that .351 rifle here: (scroll halfway down)

For the low price of just $128.00 … haha