Winchester shotshells


These two look exactly the same, both say “US patent 1757584, superspeed,long range load,short shot string” on paper, and have identical high side brass. Why the same appearance and different load? The slug has a purple pa seal though.


U S shotgun shell hulls of this period were often identical except for the top wad which denoted the shot size.(Not withstanding the height of the brass cup, often denoteing heavy vs lighter loadings.) Most,if not all, slugs I have ever seen had the exposed projectile but buckshot usually have a top wad. Don’t know how long they were made without them, as this seems to be. When the roll crimp gave way to a folded crimp the load was stamped on the side of the shell, an exception being Remington placed a paper patch over their early crimps with the load on it.
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Shotmeister; I got a group of 12 and 16 gauge Climax slugs that had the top wad cut out to prove they where slugs?? Exception or reload? Thanks vic


Vic, I’ve learned never to say never in this collecting game!
Climax hulls date back to the 20’s and earlier, a time when folks bought the primed hulls and loaded their own so this could be the case or they could have been made with a topwad by the factory. IMO this would have been early in the days of loading shells so perhaps they tried the topwad over the slug and abandoned the idea because all I have (or seen, as I recall) were exposed. I know USCC made some ball loads which may have been covered. Could this be what you have? All speculation on my part.
Perhaps Pete will chime in with some better info, or others.


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Vic, the USCCo (plus some other companies of a certain era) slugs (often a single round ball) usually have a top wad, usually a factory ‘doughnut’ style with an open center, if that is what you mean by: “had the top wad cut out” ?

Other loads of shot always (factory for retail sale) had a topwad identifying the shot size. This single slug & the later plastic hull shells have enough strength to allow the ‘punkin ball’ (a hollow based single slug) to show as the load ID & probably to either save some money or perhaps add a wee bit more powder to the charge.

Vlad the (looks like) OO buck without a topwad may be a re-load, pr perhaps someone wanted to see inside. It’s not very practical to not have a topwad as the shot could loosen with repeated chambering, or pocket wear & fall out.

Also being out-of-round, as this one is, it might not chamber & the topwad would tend to help keep the mouth round, even when the shot oxidizes the mouth is usually still round, but the body swells & prevents chambering…