Winchester Silvertip HP's

Back around 2005 Winchester updated their Silvertip HP (STHP) bullet design in the large calibers (.41 Mag, .44 Spl, .44 Mag. .45 Colt & .45 ACP). A few days ago I was given a new .380 Auto STHP that is loaded with a nickel plated GM JHP with 8 prominent jacket notches at the meplat.

Does anyone have an idea when Win updated the .380 STHP and if they have updated the .32 Auto, .38 Spl 110 & 125 STHP with new bullet designs?

The only box of .380ACP Silvertips I have is about 4 years old…lot # 013WC30. The cartridges are loaded with the 8-notch bullet.

A lot of the updates were around the time that Winchester came out with the ‘civilian’ SXT product…one of the ways to tell the LEO bullet from the civilian product was that the Ranger/LE versions had 6 notches and the commercial bullet had 8. The commercial product was designed so as not to have the ‘talon’ feature when expanded.

You may also notice that more recent productions of the Silvertip and commercial ‘whitebox/WalMart’ JHPs are very similar…the Silvertip in some calibers (9mmP for instance) is now the standard commercial JHP bullet with the silver-colored jacket.

I typically purchase (or am issued) more modern, bonded JHPs in most calibers so I don’t use the Silvertip much anymore.

If you’re a Silvertip junkie, chronograph some current production 10mm 175gr stuff next to the older (white/red box) production stuff. The older product is noticeably speedier.

Hey MWinter, good to hear from you!

Yeah, you can say I’m a STHP junkie as that’s one of my handgun “sets” that I’ve been putting together over the years. When one of my Reserve Officers showed me his new Ruger LCP that he uses as his BUG he had the new STHP loaded in it so I had to get one from him. My old STHPs in .32Auto and 38Spl 95/110/125 all have the aluminum jackets and none of the gun shops around me have any of these loads for sale so I can’t check to see if these loads have been updated with any new bullets, and I’m still working on getting single exemplars of the big bore rounds.