Winchester SMG Ammo Box Question

Winchester Box SMG

Found this in a junk box of stuff I bought off a local dealer. Has anyone got an idea when these were used?

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These boxes date from the WW2 era, and were primarily for England. Note, please, that I said primarily. Note necessarily exclusive to that country. There are Western Cartridge Company boxes pretty much the same, and in fact, I have one that is all in Chinese, for the 9 mm Para. I think I already posted a picture of it on the forum years ago, probably thru a friend in another state that I have now lost track of. If anyone wants it posted here, along with others of these WWII black and white contract boxes for auto pistol ammo, I will try to accommodate.

I have a couple in calibers you don’t see too much, as I recall, and again, not all for England.

John Moss


Discussion on BOCN by the late Tony Edwards concerning British WWII contract 9x19mm ammunition form Winchester and from Western

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Photos #1 & #2 missing from the above thread:

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Thanks for the replies. This was the first of these boxes I had ever seen. It was in with a boat load of stuff that I bought from the local gun shop.

To round out this thread a little, here are some Winchester-Western box labels not shown above:

.45 Auto.Colt

From top to bottom these are:

42-round box, Lot 54, date illegible but in the 1940s, likely made primarily for the British. The cartridges are straight commercial ball in features, with W.R.A.CO. .45 A. C. headstamp.

50-round box, Lot 23 from 19 A;pril 1941, likely made for the British as well, with cartridge features identical to those in the box above it. Box marked “FOR .45 AUTOMATIC COLT AND OTHER AUTOMATIC ARMS.”

Identical box, lot number and date, and cartridge features to the above box, except marked “FOR THOMPSON SUB-MACHINE GUNS.”

The following boxes are for 9 mm Parabellum Ammunition. The top box has no lot number or date on it, and was received empty, so no information can be offered other than a picture of the box:

The bottom box is from Western Cartridge Company’s East Alton plant, and is lot number 6058. It clearly shows the “Ball 9m/m M1” designation of the cartridge, as discussed previously on this thread. The cartridge is ordinary ball headstamped “WCC 43.”

This last box is post-WWII, but a Department of Army Contract, for .32 Automatic cartridges. The label below it is a xerox of the side label, properly oriented to the top label, which I xeroxed so as to make one picture. Since it is a DA contract, it was likely for supplying ammunition for the 1903 Colt Automatic Pistol, which was issued to General Grade Officers, some Military Police Criminal Investigators, and possibly other specialized military personnel. That last I am not sure of. The OSS was issued some .32 Auto pistols during WWII, but these cartridges are from February 1954. Headstamp is “W R A 32 AUTO.”

John Moss