Winchester Souvenir 12 Gauge


In 1987 Winchester offered a trip and tour of their Shotgun Facility to key Jobbers and Dealers, and our store particpated. A 12 gauge Shotgun dummy cartridge was given as a souvenir to all the participants. The over all length of this cartridge is a whopping 173 m/m (about 6-7/8") measured on a rather rudimentary plastic ruler - my caliper would not measure that long - so the measurement is really approximate. Put this one in your favorite shotgun! (A picture will follow when Joe receives it and has time to post it, so be patient. He is a great friend and of much assistance to a computer-challenged dolt such as myself).


J. Moss Collection


The black marks on the headstamp are index marks I put there before scanning so that I could be sure of getting both lines of print on the side of the shell in the scanner. they have no significance. I simply forgot to clean them off before scanning the headstamp. Sorry abut that.


John, that is a very interesting and also so to say “cute” dummy! Thanks for posting it.


Are those two holes in the primer or black marks as well? Is this a loaded round or filled with something to give it weight? I doubt anyone would try firing it, in fact, would it even chamber?


That’s just a little longer than the “12ga FH” rounds in my collection. Of course mine are live “slug” rounds (and I was brave/foolish enough to fire off a few of them).
It’s the one on the right


Falcon - this is definitely a dummy round. I don’t think Winchester or any other responsible company would actually produce a novelty cartridge like this in loaded form, even though there is probably no 12 gauge shotgun on earth that would chamber it. The two dots on the primer are holes showing it is an inert round.

The round is very heavy at the top end, which is closed by a heavy roll crimp over a tan over-shot wad. The overall weight is heavy enough that I cannot weigh it either on my electronic powder scale which I use for cartridge collecting, or my Ohaus single-bar, magnetic-dampened conventional powder scale that I use for reloading ammunition for shooting. I am sure from its balance that it does have a shot load in the it, possibly an unusually heavy one, although I have no way to measure it.

This shell is not unique. I have seen these over-length shells, as a sales gimmick, before. Still, they are fun. It represents my entire shotgun shell collection. Well, come to think of it, it doesn’t. I have an old Western sample box of 4 or 5 window shells as well, and a Federal sample box identical to the one shown on the thread about sample boxes. Still, that probably doesn’t qualify me as a big-time shot-shell collector (a joke, of course).


Tailgunner - Wow! I wouldn’t shoot that thing using your arm! What is that round - one of the “Paradox” loads? I hope you didn’t dislocate your shoulder.


John - I somehow didn’t think it would be a loaded round.


It’s a wildcat.
The creator of the 600 Overkill (Rob Garrett) and the creator of the “Hubel Express” series of wildcats (Ed Hubel) co-designed this one. They “slightly” modified a 50BMG case by adding a rim and blowing the case out straight to make the “12ga From Hell” round.
Ed’s rifle weighs in at 28 pounds, and it still generates in excess of 120ft/lb of recoil (that’s the one I put a half dozen rounds through), and yes you had better be paying attention when you pull the trigger.

Some wildcatters like to make small cartridges, and some like to make big ones.

I was a little tender, for a couple of days afterwards grin


Wow! 120 Ft. Lbs of recoil. And some of my fellow cowboy action shooters won’t use the heavy trap loads I do because “they kick too hard!” I wonder what one of those loads Tailgunner describes would do to our metal knockdown targets?


They report that the origional test loads had no trouble going through 1/2" plate steel.
It’s a 15+ page read, starting in Dec of 05 and still going on (last post was 5/15/07). … /848109883

Here’s a couple photos from that thread, note the before and after of the steel shelf & 1 1/2" countertop that was under the bucket.


I have a slightly different version of the long shot shell that John started this thead with. Mine says “W-W SHOT SHELL TOUR 1979” on the side and only has 1 hole in the primer. Headstamp is “W-W 12 GAUGE”.

There are other long shotshell appearing cartridges out there. Of course there is the Powder Sample Window Shot-Shell that is about 6 inches long. Another load that you might run across is a 6 inch 10 Gauge in both salmon colored paper with brass head with the headstamp “WINCHESTER No 10 NUBLACK MADE IN U.S.A.” or an all aluminum case with no headstamp… These are smoke marker shells for use in a 25 pound practice bomb. The official designation is "10 GA PRACTICE BOMB SIGNAL, AN-Mk-4. They give off a large plume of white smoke to show the pilot where the bomb landed.